Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Gathering at Aukerman Creek

The timeline event at Aukerman Creek this past weekend (October 1 & 2, 2010) was nice and relaxing, as you can see by this photo of Gary Shaw.

Gary is proud of our improvised windbreak.

It was cold and rainy on Saturday, but just a bit cold on Sunday--and when you're wearing lots of wool, cold is not bad--rainy is bad.  But we had a fly to keep dry and plenty of time for Euchre.

No Federals showed up, which kind of hampered our itching for burning powder.  But, since it was a timeline event, we just chose to shoot at different enemies.  The Indian Creek Regulators, which our captain was with this weekend--instead of us--and they gave us some fun--I think the captain's still a little sore from his Euchre whuppin' at Jackson, MI, so he's probably looking for any excuse he can to shoot me.  The Nazi also played a bit--I don't think he had a side--he seemed to only shoot from the winning side.  We finished the weekend with members of the 27th Virginia--most of them (about 4) playing horse-thieves or something while the three of us from the 1st Tennessee fell in under their captain and gunned them down.

It wasn't a weekend to take all that seriously, but we were able to provide some education to the public as well as have some relaxing fun.  Hopefully next year we'll see a bigger turnout--at least some Federals--and we can get a big shoot-out going.

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