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The Regimental Meeting 2013

The Regimental Meeting

Heritage Center
Springfield, Ohio

March 2, 2013

Finally, we take a look at the year ahead of us.  Capt. Sharp opened the meeting with a review of 2012, going through each of the events that were on the 1st Tennessee’s schedule and bringing up what was remembered about them.

Ten events were up for vote, with two being on the same weekend in May.  Surprisingly, some of the regular events did not make the official list—garnering an insufficient number of votes.

The list of events that the 1st Tennessee will be attending for 2013 include:

April 13-14 Spring Drill at Pioneer Village
May 25-26 Ohio Village, Columbus, Ohio
June 22-23 Reynoldsburg Ohio
July 4-7 Gettysburg, PA
July 19-21 Buffington Island, OH
September 28-29 Pioneer Village

As Capt Sharp noted, it is a bit of a lean list, although the Durbin Bean Bake Labor Day weekend is also unofficially on the list.  I’m certainly not satisfied with only six events.

The events I have on my plate include the above (except for the company drill):

March 23-24 Hurricane WV
April 13-14 Battalion drill at Fort Recovery.
May 18-19 Conner Prairie, IN
July 13 Harrison OH
July 27-28 Greenville OH
October 12-13 Hartford City
August 10-11 Hale Farm, OH
August 24-25 Jackson MI
September 7-8 Zoar, OH
September 19-22 Chicamauga, GA
October 26-27 Fort Wayne, IN

Sharon Woods was a popular choice among the 1st Tennessee, so there might be enough for a company going there.   The Independent Guard Battalion is going to Conner Prairie, so since I’m on staff as major, my duties fall there.

Awards and promotions were given, with Chris Silvers promoted to corporal, Jeff Carte to quartermaster sergeant to replace Gary Shaw, whose health (after four heart attacks last year) can no longer hold out for the role.  Andrew Mott was promoted to Lieutenant, and Jim Kletzli to 1st sergeant.

Pvt Butch Foster getting his "Most Memorable Moment" award.

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