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Reenacting Unit Websites
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Confederate Units
1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company B
19th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company C
1st Tennessee Regiment, Company E
5th Kentucky, Company B
Confederate States Marine Corps Company B
43rd Tennessee Co E
50th Virginia Co D
5th Virginia Co D
14th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry
44th Tennessee Co K
17th South Carolina Co C
14th South Carolina Regimental Ambulance Corps
9th Kentucky Co D
1st Tennessee Co D

Battalion Links
Independent Guard Battalion
Birney's Division
Army of the Ohio
Medich Battalion
Trans Mississippi Brigade
Union Volunteers
Western Federal Blues
Potomac Legion
The United States Artillery Reserve Association
Cleburnes Division
Army of the Pacific
Army of the Shenandoah

Federal Units
4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company B
5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Battery A 1st Ohio Light Artillery
44th Indiana

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Crescent City
Fall Creek
Blockade Runner
Regimental Quartermaster 
C & D Jarnagin Co 
CJ Daley
Dirty Billy Hats
Missouri Boot and Shoe Company
S&S Sutler
Tim Bender Hats
Wambaugh, White & Company

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Tri-County Revelers
Back Porch Swing Band
Camp Chase Fife and Drums
Jim's Red Pants

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Standard Operating Procedures (good source for standard accepted safety procedures at every event)
Co. Aytch
Hard Tack & Coffee
A Soldier's Recollections
Privations of a Private
Animated School of the Soldier
Company Drill Animations
Hardee's School of the Solder, online
Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics Vol. 1, Hardee
Manual of Instruction for Volunteers and Militia of the Confederate States, Gilham
Library of Links for Drill and Manual of Arms (Excellent source for doing correct drill and avoiding reenactorisms).
Cleaned-up scan of original recruiting poster from the Library of Congress
History of the 1st Tennessee Regiment
Black Confederate Soldiers
Battalion Formations Reference (from Camp Chase Gazette)

Other Sites
Civil War Reenactment Headquarters-Events, Reenacting Units & Supplies
Camp Chase Gazette
Civil War Reenactors Forums - Great place for publicizing your event--I watch this daily.
Southern Heritage 411