Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pickerington with Cubs

I had forgotten just how short the attention span of some kids could be.  This past weekend was a living history with several Cub Scout packs of the Pickerington, Ohio area.  A small contingent of us from the 1st Tennessee held four half-hour sessions walking kids through the life of a soldier.  A few of the sessions had kids that sat as still as honey bees in a clover field.

Gary Shaw does some blacksmithing
Firing the cannon for the kids
It wasn’t until we started walking them through the school of the soldier, the loading in nine times and shooting that we grabbed their attention.  Lesson learned—we’ll probably focus on that for next year.  After we completed our session, we handed the kids off to the artillery crew.

It was a nice, easy weekend.  After spending time with the kids, we got a lot of Euchre playing in.

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