Saturday, February 4, 2012

Something for the Off-Season

The winter months are always slow for the reenactor.  Unless you are hard-core, you really don't have much to do.  The hard-core can always freeze at events such as Fredericksburg and other winter events, but for those of us who are semi-normal, indoors will have to do.

So, about the best I can do for February is a school presentation at Saint Mary Magdalane School in Columbus.  It lasted for about two hours as Andrew Mott, Gary Shaw, Eric the pet Doctor (my brain has blanked on his last name), and Steve Winston rambled on about the equipment and clothing of the Civil War.  They seemed to like us--but the real winner was when Andrew popped off a blank cap from his pistol.  The marble of the sanctuary we were in reverberated to make it nearly sound like an actual gunshot.  We represented both sides of the war.  Andrew asked me to wear my Confederate captain's uniform while he donned a union captain uniform.  Shaw had sergeant's stripes while Eric and Steve were gray and blue privates.

Okay, so that's not much to talk about.  March should be better--the 1st Tennessee will hold its regimental meeting to plan the events for the year, and a number of the events look rather promising.  And a small contingent of us will be going to Hurricane, WV for a small event.  It'll be something different, and we'll be able to scratch that itch for wearing wool at least a month earlier than usual.  So, until next month....

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