Monday, March 12, 2012

The Regimental Meeting

March 10, 2012

Finally getting started back into the season, we met at our usual place at the Springfield, OH Heritage Center to review 2011 and plan for 2012.

Gas was a concern, and because of it, distant events were dropped.  Jackson, MI was dropped from the list due to the far distant, but already a number of us are planning on going anyhow—it is an important voting meeting for the Independent Guard Brigade, so several of our officers wanted to be there for that.

Richmond, KY was also in consideration, but also its distance precluded a serious vote.  Hartford City, IN is a favorite, but was dropped in favor of Perryville, KY, since that is its 150thHartford City is the weekend immediately following Perryville, but due to the amount of effort expected for Perryville and with Pioneer Village in Waynesville, OH immediately before Perryville, the unit chose to pass on Hartford City.  I’ll try to recruit a few to still attend since it is a good event—but if I don’t get any takers, I won’t go alone.

We also chose to not return to McConnelsville, and instead go to Fort Wayne, IN for their Camp Allen Muster.  We’ve never been to the Fort Wayne event, but McConnelsville was starting to grow old.  We almost failed to get enough votes for Fort Wayne, however.

The threshold that was required for selecting an event as official for the unit required 60% of those that voted.  That meant that an event had to have 16 votes in order to be placed on the official schedule. 

So, the official schedule for the 1st Tennessee is as follows:

April 21-22: Spring Drill at the Durbin Bean Bake campgrounds, Durbin, OH
May 19-20: Sharon Woods, Sharonville, OH
June 2-3: Grove City, OH
June 23-24: Reynoldsburg, OH
July 14-15: Fort Wayne, IN
September 2: Durbin Bean Bake, Durbin OH (It is likely we may start the day before for ourselves.
September 8-9: Fort Recovery, OH
September 29-30: Pioneer Village, Caesar’s Creek, Waynesville, OH
October 5-7: Perryville, KY

Of course, I will attend more events than this.  In addition to above, I plan to try for the following:

March 24-25: Hurricane, WV
May 5: Mansfield Civil War Collectors Show (just for one day)
August 11-12: Hale Farm, Bath OH
August 25-26: Jackson, MI
October 13-14: Hartford City, IN
October 20-21: Monroe, OH
November 3-4: Guyandotte, WV

In addition, Sgt Mott has several school days events on some Fridays he is planning and wants volunteers for.  I would have to take off work for the day, but I may do so if I am able.  His next one is for May 25 in Hilliard, OH.

Doc mentioned a timeline event at Fort Meigs in Toledo, OH that I am going to look into, held on June 16-17. It sounded like it would be a fun event—I’ll know more once I check them out.

Finally, Cpl Jeff Carte gave me a contact for a possible Springfield, OH event.  Springfield is probably the most ideal location for the 1st Tennessee as it is the geographical center for the members of the unit.  I love it since it is only about twenty minutes from home for me.

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